Liquid Distributors & Redistributors

Liquid Distributors

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Liquid Distributors & Redistributors (AMB-D)

Industrial separation processes like distillation, absorption and stripping are often performed in packed columns / packed tower. In this mass transfer process, even distribution of liquid and gas is very much important. If the liquid and gas are not evenly distributed across the tower area while entering the packing bed, required separation efficiency will be reduced due to incorrect liquid to gas ratio. So these packed columns / packed towers require liquid distributors to evenly distribute the liquid over specific section of the packing area. The structure of liquid distributor should be reasonable to make mass transfer process more efficient and prevent maldistribution.

Benefits of Liquid Distributor :

  • Uniform liquid distribution over the packed bed and structured packing in a packed tower
  • Fouling resistance
  • Low vapour phase operation drop
  • Reasonable structure


A liquid distributor is a device used in distillation and absorption columns to evenly distribute liquid across the cross-sectional area of packed beds or trays. It ensures uniform flow distribution to optimize mass transfer efficiency.

A liquid distributor is crucial in a packed column because it ensures that the liquid flows uniformly over the surface of the packing material. This uniform distribution maximizes the contact between the liquid and vapor phases, enhancing separation efficiency and column performance.

Liquid distributors come in various types, including trough type distributors, spray distributors, perforated plate distributors, and chimney tray distributors. Each type is designed to achieve specific distribution characteristics based on factors such as flow rate, column diameter, and packing type.

A liquid distributor typically consists of channels, weirs, or perforated plates through which the liquid is evenly distributed across the column diameter or packing surface. The design of the distributor ensures that the liquid is spread out uniformly to prevent channeling and maldistribution.

The selection of a liquid distributor depends on factors such as column diameter, packing type, liquid flow rate, and process conditions. Consulting with a process engineer or distributor manufacturer can help determine the most suitable distributor for a given application.