Our Company believes in being part of the community where it operates its businesses and making a significant and sustainable contribution which makes a meaningful difference to the community. With the rapidly changing corporate environment our company has adopted two NGOs named "Abol Jeev Maitri & Manav seva" to uplift the weaker sections of the society by providing them with educational facilities. Non-profit Trusts investing to strengthen solutions and enhance outcomes in Health, Education, Animal Welfare and Livelihoods for the welfare of the voiceless stray animals.

Manav Seva & Abol Jeev Maitri

Jitendra Bokadia is the Trustee & Founder of Manav Seva & Abol Jeev Maitri Charitable Trust.

  • Skill development of underprivileged children.
  • Support to orphanages, handicapped people rehabilitation centres, old age homes.
  • Donation/Support to educational institutions.
  • Tiffin Services for Senior citizens and Handicapped people.
  • With the goal to work towards Human Welfare we are helping many families by providing them with Medical needs and Ration kits.
  • Feeding 2000+ animals & birds each day
  • Clothes & Blanket Distribution to underprivileged
  • Flood Relief Camp