Spray Nozzle Type Distributor (AMB-SND)

Spray Nozzle Type Distributor

Spray nozzle-type distributors are used in packing towers due to the compact structure of the distributors. Spray nozzle distributors evenly distribute liquid over the tower packing area through nozzles. They are mainly used for the process of heat exchange and scouring. Spray nozzle type distributor has full cone spray nozzles with 90 to 120-degree cone angles to distribute the liquid evenly over the tower packing area. This comes with fouling resistance.


A spray nozzle type distributor is a device used in various industrial processes to evenly distribute a liquid over a surface or into a gas stream. It consists of one or multiple spray nozzles designed to create a specific spray pattern, flow rate, and droplet size to achieve optimal distribution and process efficiency.

Spray nozzle type distributors are used in numerous industries including Chemical processing, Oil and gas, Water treatment, Food and beverage production, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Power generation, Pulp and paper manufacturing etc.

The main types of spray patterns include:

  • Full cone: Produces a circular pattern with uniform distribution of liquid.
  • Hollow cone: Creates a ring-shaped spray pattern with a hollow center.
  • Flat fan: Generates a thin, flat sheet of liquid, ideal for surface coverage.
  • Solid stream: Delivers a concentrated jet of liquid for high impact applications.

Yes, spray nozzles can often be customized to meet specific requirements of an application. Customization options may include unique spray patterns, specific flow rates, materials, and connection types.

Spray nozzle type distributors enhance process efficiency by:

  • Ensuring uniform distribution of liquids, which improves product quality.
  • Reducing liquid consumption and waste..
  • Lowering energy costs through efficient liquid application.
  • Minimizing downtime and maintenance with reliable performance.