Chimney Tray Collector - Distributor (AMB-CCR)

Chimney Trays / Collector Distributor

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The chimney tray distributor is a common device for an intermediate stream draw-out of a distillation column, such as a refinery multi-product fractionator. A chimney tray can also be utilised as a transition device where the number of tray passes is changed in a particular section of the column. Since no vapour and liquid contact is created, the liquid is collected and redistributed through a chimney tray. The chimney tray does not cause side draw product loss, which is a common problem when attempting to utilise a fractionation tray in direct side draw applications. In addition, a chimney tray provides better buffering against tray upset conditions and increases residence time for vapour component disengagement.

Chimney Collector trays are used to gather liquid from packed beds during tray transition. They are needed in various situations, like drawing off liquid either partially or completely. There are different types of these trays to fit the amounts of vapor and liquid

Chimney tray distributors work well with a lot of liquid and larger columns. They can act as both distributors and redistributors, helping with collecting and spreading liquid. The design of the chimney is crucial and depends on how the liquid and vapor flow, as well as pressure drop requirements.

Benefits of Chimney Tray Collector - Distributor :

  • Efficient Liquid Distribution
  • Handling High Liquid Loads
  • Optimal Separation Performance
  • Suitability for Large Diameter Columns
  • Preventing Channeling and Maldistribution
  • Enhanced Column Stability


A chimney tray type distributor is a specialized component used in distillation columns to collect and redistribute liquid between packed beds or during tray transitions. It features vertical risers or chimneys that extend above the tray surface to facilitate efficient liquid distribution.

Chimney tray type distributors collect liquid from between packed beds or during tray transitions and redistribute it across the column diameter using vertical risers or chimneys. This allows for uniform liquid distribution and enhances separation efficiency.

Chimney tray type distributors are typically used in distillation columns with larger diameters or when handling high liquid loads. They are particularly effective in situations where uniform liquid distribution is critical for optimal separation performance.

Chimney tray type distributors offer several advantages, including efficient liquid collection and redistribution, enhanced separation efficiency, and the ability to handle high liquid loads. They ensure uniform liquid distribution across the column diameter, improving overall column performance.