Precision Sheet Metal Components

Precision Sheet Metal Components

Ambani Metals is a leading manufacturer and supplier of precision sheet metal components & assemblies in India.

We are a manufacturer, and supplier of a wide range of precision sheet metal parts components made using top-quality raw materials. We are offering sheet metal fabrication services to various sectors like automobile, electrical, engineering etc. in India. We fabricate precision sheet metal components as per the client's specifications. These are manufactured out of various grades of Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass, with a thickness range of up to 10mm thickness with a tonnage capacity of 200 tone presses. The in-house tool room facility is our strength to design and fabricate the tooling for any type of sheet metal component. Deep draw components are our speciality and various types of metal forming. In-house, facilities are available for a different type of welding and fabrication.

Sheet Metal Parts & Components

  • Copper fabrication components
  • Welded sub assemblies
  • Metal enclosures
  • Sealing Caps Core Plugs & Welch plugs
  • Clamps, Clips & Brackets
  • Push Nuts, U clip Nuts, Self threading Nuts
  • Constant Pressure Hose Clamps

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