Feed Pipe Distributor (AMB-FPD)

Feed Pipe Distributor

Ambani Metals is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Feed Pipe Distributor in India.

Feed-type distributors can be used efficiently where the vapour flow is very high. These distributors can handle the liquid load of upto 20 to 25 m3/m2h. They can be designed in sizes from 500 mm and above. Manufacturing of feed pipe distributor can be accomplished as a single piece, or the arms can be of the flanged type to easily pass through manways.


A feed pipe distributor is a simple design used in distillation and absorption columns to distribute liquid evenly across the column diameter or packed bed. It consists of a series of pipes or tubes through which the liquid feed is introduced into the column.

A feed pipe distributor works by evenly distributing the liquid feed across the column diameter or packed bed through a series of pipes or tubes. The liquid flows through the pipes and exits through evenly spaced openings or nozzles, ensuring uniform distribution.

Feed pipe distributors offer simplicity in design, ease of installation, and reliability in operation. They are capable of handling moderate liquid loads and can be applied to columns with diameters ranging from 500mm and above.

A feed pipe distributor can typically handle liquid loads ranging from 20 to 25 m3/m2h, making it suitable for various applications in distillation and absorption columns.