Chimney Tray Type Collector

Chimney Tray Type Collector

A "Chimney Tray Type Collector" is a specific type of collector used in trayed columns or towers, particularly in distillation and absorption processes. The chimney tray type collector is designed to efficiently collect liquid streams on trayed columns. It ensures uniform distribution and collection of liquid across the tray area, facilitating effective mass transfer within the column.

This collector consists of a tray with chimneys or risers strategically positioned across its surface. These chimneys serve as channels for the liquid to flow from the tray surface to the collector pans located beneath the tray. The design of the chimneys or risers is crucial for the performance of the collector. They are typically tall, narrow structures that extend from the tray surface to the collector pan below. The dimensions and spacing of the chimneys are optimized to promote efficient liquid flow and prevent flooding or uneven distribution. Beneath the tray, there are collector pans or troughs where the liquid collected from the chimneys is gathered. These pans are designed to accommodate the liquid flow and prevent spillage or leakage.

Like other types of collectors, chimney tray type collectors may have flanged connections for easy installation and maintenance. The flanges allow for secure attachment to other tower internals or piping systems.


Chimney tray type collectors are commonly used in distillation and absorption columns in industries such as petrochemical, chemical processing, oil refining, and gas processing. They play a critical role in achieving desired separation efficiencies and product purity.

The chimney tray type collector offers several advantages

  • Improved liquid distribution: Ensures even distribution of liquid across the tray surface, enhancing mass transfer efficiency.
  • Prevention of channeling and bypassing: The chimneys help prevent channeling or bypassing of liquid, which can lead to reduced separation efficiency.
  • Minimization of flooding: Proper design of the chimneys and collector pans helps prevent flooding of the tray, maintaining optimal operating conditions within the column.


A Chimney Tray Type Collector is a specialized column internal component used in distillation and other process columns to collect liquid from the column's downcomer and redistribute it evenly over the next section of packing or trays. It features chimneys or risers that allow vapor to pass through while collecting and directing liquid.

The collector works by collecting liquid that flows down the column from the upper sections. The liquid is directed into a sump or pan, and then redistributed uniformly onto the packing or trays below. The chimneys or risers ensure that vapor can continue to move upward through the column without significant pressure drop.

  • Chimneys/Risers: Tubes that allow vapor to pass through while preventing liquid from bypassing.
  • Tray Deck: The flat surface that supports the chimneys and collects liquid.
  • Weirs or Downcomers: Direct the collected liquid to the next stage of the column.
  • Sump or Pan: Collects and holds the liquid before redistribution.

They are typically made from materials that can withstand the specific chemical and thermal conditions of the process, such as Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Carbon Steel & other alloys.