Bubble Cap Tray

Bubble Caps and Bubble Cap Trays

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Bubble Cap Tray

A bubble cap tray has riser fitted over each hole, and a cap that covers the riser. The cap is mounted so that there is a space between riser and cap to allow the passage of vapour. Rising vapor passes through a series of bubble caps and is forced downward by the cap, finally discharging through slots in the cap, and finally bubbling through the liquid on the tray. Bubble cap trays are generally used when minimal leakage is allowed.

In bubble cap trays, vapor rising up through the tower / chimney reach the liquid by passing through bubble caps. Each bubble cap assembly comprises of a riser and a cap. The vapor rising through the column passes through the riser in the tray floor and directed downward by the cap, discharging through the slots in the cap and finally bubbling through the liquid on the tray. Bubble cap trays can't weep because of their design.

Features :

  • Wide range of turn down ratios without weeping.
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Precise design
  • Improved efficiency characteristics
Bubble Caps and Bubble Cap Trays

Bubble Cap

Bubble caps are metal cup with notches or slots around the edge that is inverted over a hole in a plate in a bubble tower for effecting contact of vapors rising from the plate below and liquid already on the plate. Bubble caps are designed with a series of risers topped with slotted caps.

Bubble Caps are one of the devices in large-diameter fractional distillation columns that are designed to produce a bubbling action to exchange the vapor bubbles flowing up the column.

Ambani Metals offers bubble caps, bubble cap trays. Bubble caps consist of risers for vapor on the deck that are covered by caps. These caps are essentially inverted cups with slots around the perimeter that allow for mixing of vapor from the riser into the liquid on the tray deck. The riser cap assembly prevents weeping even at very low flow rates. This permits bubble cap trays to operate over a wide range of conditions, including very low turndown rates. Caps are available in many sizes and designs.

Bubble caps are used in following Industries :

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry